Restring and tune complete- $25 + strings
Restring and tune 12 string $40 + strings
Neck & all adjustment setup complete $89.95 + strings
Replace nut $45 + materials
Complete refret (includes full setup) $225 - $275
Partial refret, up to 10 frets
(includes full setup)
$125 - $175

Complete fret level and reround
(includes full setup)...........

$175 - $225

Acoustic guitar bridges Estimate $45.00
Broken or cracked neck or headstock $225.00 - $275.00
Acoustic guitar cracks Price upon request

Doll-up: Rub-out faded and dirty finishes Price upon request
Touch-up: Brush touch-up or sand, fill, rub-out of larger areas Price upon request

Harness repair or parts replacement
Pot, jacks, etc..
$45.00 - $65.00 + parts
Custom wiring
Coil tapping, phasing, series/parallel, etc..
$65.00 - $125.00

Pickups installed
Best price when installing two or three
Custom installs
Body routing, Floyd Rose and Kahler vibrato systems
Price upon request

Custom Inlay
Fret Markers
Most sizes and shapes
Price upon request
Position dots
On the side of the neck
Price upon request
headstock inlays Price upon request